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Orozen Dental Clinics are managed by dental professionals who have been in the domain since 1996.

This exceptional dental team is in incessant self-progress with unique passion for dentistry. As a result ,we serve our patients with such unparalleled service that they refer their  friends and family to us ,in order to experience the same outstanding service and dental care.

Our dental clinics conveniently located in downtown Montreal and in Terrebonne are committed to advocate the importance of oral & dental health to our patients and community in general.


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Orozen Dental Clinic Montreal

Orozen Dental Clinic Montreal


Why Choose us?

Complete Health Dentistry

Some say the eyes are the windows to the soul. If that’s true, then the mouth is the front door.

Our mouths are a gateway for illness, affecting the wellness of our entire body. Dental bacteria has been shown to play a contributing role in many serious health conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, stroke and even Alzheimer’s.

There is direct link between the wellness of the mouth and the wellness of the body that is why high-quality dental care is so crucial.Thus ,at Orozen Dental Clinics in Montreal & Terrebonne ,we take a comprehensive approach to dentistry, building a healthy body from the foundation of a healthy mouth; a true focus on total health.

Healthy gums lower our risk for developing diabetes, pancreatic cancer and kidney cancer, while gum therapy improves blood vessel health and helps prevent heart attack and stroke. This is because the same plaque that builds up on our teeth can build up in our arteries and heart, creating blockages.
Proper dental care calls for a visit to the dentist twice a year. This is likely more often than you see any other physician, especially if you’re generally in good health.


Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is one of our main goals as it pertains to your care. We understand that everyone makes mistakes. We admit that sometimes, that includes us. But rest assured that if something goes wrong, we’re going to do everything in our power to make it right.


Convenient Locations
  • Montreal Clinic : 1639 Sherbrooke West ,H3H 1E2 ,Montreal ,Qc
    Conveniently located in downtown Montreal on the intersection of Sherbrooke Ouest & St. Mathieu Street very close to Guy Concordia metro.
  • Terrebonne Clinic: 2190 Chemin Gascon, J6X 3A1,Terrebonne,Qc
    Conveniently located in the suburb of Terrebonne on Gascon street with free parking.
Orozen Dental Clinic  Montreal

Reception Area Orozen Dental Clinic Montreal

VIP Service

In addition to benefiting from our 24-hour emergency service, patients at the Orozen Clinics who regularly do their 3 or 6 month cleanings benefit from our complimentary services of transportation, babysitting, massage therapy and tanning.