Frequently asked questions: dental cleaning

What is Dental Cleaning?

Dental Clearing, Teeth cleaning also known as prophylaxis is a dental hygiene procedure, usually performed by a dental hygienist or a dentist. The primary aim is to eradicate dental plaque.  The plaque is a tacky layer comprising of bacteria that is created on the teeth. Tartar is a hardened form of plaque that is hard to clean with simple brushing or flossing. Accumulation of plaque and tartar over time can lead to cavities and gum diseases.

What are the steps of teeth cleaning?

  • Physical exam of the teeth and oral cavity. The dentist or the hygienist will examine your teeth, gums for various dental concerns such as inflammation, gum disease, or cavities.
  • Descaling: Removal of dental plaque and tartar by using a scaler.
  • Comprehensive Cleaning:  Once the plaque and tartar are removed the process of cleaning and polishing begins. Cleaning and polishing are followed by deep flossing.

How often should you get an in-office dental cleaning?

Usually, it is recommended to have a dental cleaning done twice a year or every 6 months. However, some people who are more likely to have dental issues might need their dental cleanings done every 3 months.

How to take care of your teeth in between dental cleanings?

Remember to maintain great dental hygiene. Good oral hygiene begins with brushing your teeth with a soft brush and fluoride toothpaste at least twice daily. Also flossing and using a mouth wash.

When did you have your last dental cleaning?

Are you due for your teeth cleaning? If you didn’t have your professional dental cleaning for over a year, then it is important you schedule an appointment for a comprehensive exam and dental cleaning as soon as possible.

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